Revista dedicada aos Expat: “Your Danish Life”

“Your Danish Life, the expat magazine:

It is our ambition to be the well sought after source of English-language information on living in Denmark for the growing expat community here; to provide insights, information and inspiration that can help you settle into your new Danish life.

Coming to a new country can be very daunting.  Relying on the “as I usually do” is no longer possible and there are so many new things to learn and deal with that even simple everyday activities can become very frustrating. What are the do’s and don’ts? How do the Danes live? Who are they? Where do I buy groceries, clothes, or home furnishing? What can I do in my spare time?  How do I get a job?  Even after being in Denmark for some time, there still seem to be many new things to learn.

We give you in-depth articles about how things works as well as tips on things to do, home-shopping, family fun, wine & dine and much more.

You can buy our bi-annual magazine from our webshop either as a digital or a print edition, and for a daily update of newsy and relevant articles follow our on-line magazine at and our Facebook page”