Aarhus: Assiste aos jogos da Selecção Nacional com a nossa Comunidade



The UEFA Euro 2020 is coming to Aarhus and most of the matches are streamed live! Watch the Portugese national team live on the big screen in Musikhusparken:15.6.

15.6, 18h Hungary – Portugal

19/6, 18h Portugal – Germany

23/6, 21h Portugal – France

Find the full programme at www.aarhusaabnerop.dkThis event is part of Aarhus Åbner Op, a summer festival for the whole family with focus on live football on a big screen, stand-up comedy, concerts, children’s entertainment and gastronomy. Experience it all in Musikhusparken from 10th June to 11th July 2021.”

Segue Portugal e compra bilhetes (30kr) aqui: