Concerto dos Lavoiser (PT) na Union, Copenhaga (09/08/2022)

“Portuguese Lavoisier consists of Patricia Relvas (vocals / percussion) and Roberto Afonso (guitar / vocals).The charming vocal interplay of the Lisbon duo is backed by elegant musical instruments as they compose their own folk-based sound based on traditional European, American and African compositions.Lavoisier has made many releases since their debut in 2012, and they have since developed their commitment to also embrace film music, performance and theater. They have presented their work in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Senegal.

Modern tropicalism:
Lavoisier stands on the shoulders of 1970s Tropicalismo. Here a movement began to grow in Brazil, with Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil as the most enthusiastic supporters. They saw themselves as tropical cultural cannibalists who “ate” European, American and African music, mixing these pure musical identities into something new in their own melting pot. In the same way, Lavoisier mixes a wide range of musical traditions and stylistic directions, thus creating their very own sound.

Ticket information:
The concert is organized by the Portuguese Association, from which you must also buy a ticket.

Pre-sale: DKK 150.
Door sale: DKK 175.

Payment options:
MobilePay: 96059
Bank transfer: 9570 11766935

Remember to send an e-mail with payment receipt and name and number of guests to:”

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