ENTRETELA: Sús & Àiyé (PT/BR) feat. Kristin Wichstrøm (NO), Copenhaga (19/08/2022)

“Folklore and riot songs from Brazil and Portugal, ancestral networks, digital textures, and brand new songs come together in ENTRETELA:
A performative concert exploring ancestral to contemporary notions of connectedness.Portuguese performer/composer Sús and Brazilian drummer Àiyé met by chance a night in Lisbon two years ago, and through endless virtual meetings in the midst of the pandemic, they deepened their connection while investigating the universe of rituals, symbols, and sounds; combining arts and technology as tools for creation in times of isolation. From this process, ENTRETELA (entre- + tela = between- + screen) emerged: A performative concert exploring chance encounters and notions of connectedness.This past spring, Sús and Àiyé met online with strangers to gather creative input for the show, as well as invited the Norwegian visual artist Kristin Wichstrøm onboard the project. ENTRETELA in its final form will feature the artists’ newest musical repertoire, reimagined traditional/folkloric and riot songs from Brasil and Portugal, ceremonial performance, and digital fabric projections; with the central theme of connectedness tying it all together. On August 19th, Sús, Àiyé, and Kristin will perform ENTRETELA for the very first time, and we can’t wait to see the results of this profound collaboration.

Sús is the solo project of Susana Nunes, a Portuguese performer, composer, producer, and mixed-media artist based in Copenhagen. Her sound inhabits the suburbs of pop, in an unnamed district surrounded by folklore, electronica, and experimentalism. She touches upon matters like cycles and relations, wounds, grief, and alchemy-like transitional states, encouraging collective vulnerability while looking for light in dark, broken places. Sús is a graduate of the Masters of Music Performance at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. Rite of passage, her latest installation work, has been exhibited at the Thorvaldsen Museum last February. She is part of the duo HAEMA, and has collaborated director Sara Hamming (DK) and musicians Papisa (BR), AIYÉ (BR), Néboa (ES), Baiuca (ES). Sús is working on her debut album, which will be released in 2023.

ÀIYÉ is Larissa Conforto – a drummer, composer, performer, sonic artist, and activist from Rio, Brazil. Her practice involves exploration of sound ethnography, futuristic ancestry, rhythmic collage, live performance, and collaborations with performers and visual artists. After working as an artistic producer on albums by Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Alceu Valença, and Moraes Moreira, she debuted the solo album “Gratitrevas” (“To find gratitude in between the darkness”), by Balaclava Records in 2020 – an intimate and political record made by collages and soundscapes that touches on spirituality, Latin American rituals and rhythms of resistance. ÀIYÉ is currently touring in Europe, passing through 7 countries, in between residencies, performances, recordings, and concerts, while preparing her next album to be released in 2023.
The concert is presented in collaboration with Union. “

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