Exposição “Household Poems” por Manuel Tainha

“Manuel Tainha
Household Poems
7.02.19 – 16.03.19
Last Resort

Opening Thursday, February 7th, 5 – 7 p.m.

We are very honored to present “Household Poems” by Manuel Tainha.

Manuel Tainha (Lisbon, born 1993) lives and works in Lisbon.

Olá Peter! How are you my friend?

Just arrived to the studio from picking up the last paintings for the show from the public warehouse near my house. I’ve decided to put the big ones to dry and clean there just because they have this big water tanks and open space to work in. Also I can catch up with dona Fernanda, the lady that runs the place and also helps me wash the paintings while we talk about the council’s sad plans to close the washhouse and all the neighbours stories that she loves to gossip.

As I was sitting there waiting for the paintings to dry, I looked at the image of D.Fernanda facing backwards with her apron, as the paintings and sheets danced on the wire, my mind revisited the Hammershøi beautiful paintings of his wife facing the windows of those quiet room. But here, in these big old outdoor laundry, nothing was quiet. Neither the figure was still, as Fernanda was rubbing soap while singing to her reflection in the big water tank. And instead of those fine draped courtains in those paintings, there was this differents colour fabrics dancing to the sound of a small plastic radio playing reggaeton.

This idea that this most simple condition can recall to the uttermost emotional level is something that I try to reach in my work. That is probably why I insist on the use of materials such as bleach and sewing, it has that mundane charge as well as the impossibility of correction.

For the show I’m bringing a lot of blue. But that blue is subtracted, is being washed away with the same violence of D.Fernanda using the soap against the cold tank stone.

It’s like a dance (also because I like to dance while I am planning the next move), and if it fails, I’ll use that failure to another work.

See you soon Peter!

Manuel Tainha (Lisbon, born in 1993) lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. He studied at Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Lisbon and at the class of Anselm Reyle at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK). Tainha’s work explores composition throught the alternance of processes, may it be addiction/subtraction, or bidimentional/ objectual. The cultural value of materials, limitation, violence in creation and the domestic condition are constants in his working process.”