Gisela João em Copenhaga (10/10/2021)

“Born in Barcelos, Gisela João learned about fado on the radio and began to reproduce it from a young age. With an absolutely unique voice and timbre, Gisela João has quickly gaines attention as a central figure and one of the most important contemporary interpreters of the fado.Her debut album from 2013 instantly made her a star among modern fado singers, and she has since proven that she can easily live up to the hype with several great albums and stunning performances. Recently she released the album “AuRora” – an album created in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer Michael League (Snarky Puppy).ALICE and Musikhuset København are honoured to present a very exclusive and intimate show with Gisela João in October. The show is presented with support from Camões Institute and The Portugese Embassy in Copenhagen.”

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