Grupo Luso-Brasileiro no Alice em Copenhaga (02/04/2023)

“Poetic trio envisioning the new sound of Brazil

Trinka is the new musical project of guitarist João Pires’, singer Dandara Modesto’s and percussionist Juninho Ibituruna. Representing the sound of three different regions, Trinka merges the melody, lyrics and musicality in a poetic dialogue. Portuguese guitarist and composer João Pires on guitar, the expressive voice of Brazilian singer/songwriter Dandara Modestos and the rhythm of Brazilian percussionist Juninho Ibituruna creates a common ground between Portugal, Brazil’s bahi and the abundant natural resources of Minas Gerais.Lineup:
João Pires – guitar
Dandara Modesto – vocals
Juninho Ibituruna – percussion”

Bilhete: 130 DKK

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