Ano Lectivo 2022/23: Inscrições para Aulas Português de Língua Materna para Crianças

The school
Modersmålsskolen is a municipality school that is part of Tove Ditlevsens School in Vesterbro. It offers education in over 30 native languages, catering to approximately 2,300 students, divided into around 160 groups, with over 50 teachers. The school’s philosophy is grounded in Grundtvig-like principles in which students’ everyday learning is reinforced by supplementary learning in their own language. 
Modersmålsskolen acknowledges the importance of language identity and raising the status of native languages to an equal footing with Danish. It aims to boost the self-esteem of students while reinforcing what they learn at their Danish schools. Socially, it allows students to find a common ground and express themselves in their native languages. 

Things to be aware of
In order to be enrolled, one must attend day school where the learning language is Danish. Classes are available for residents of the municipality, but exceptions may be made for students outside of the municipality. Classes are free for EU citizens, but are available for a fee for families who are citizens of non-EU countries. So, Irish families go for free, but British families pay a fee (thanks, Brexit!). Furthermore, students have an opportunity to attend lessons in one language only. So, if English and Japanese are spoken at home, only classes offered in one of these languages may be attended.Modersmålsskolen classes are offered after school hours. Go to to find out more about the scheduling and languages offered, as well as much more. “

Here you can register your children mother tongue classes via NEM-ID. Chose NEM-ID under the log in box

The following conditions need to be in place before you can enroll your child /children:

· The child must be residing in the Municipality of Copenhagen

· The child must be attending 0.-9. grade

· It’s a prerequisite that the child is ticked off with “modersmålsundervisning” and the desired language in KMD. For more information read here: 

· In the current school year, we offer the languages you can see here: