Lançamento do Livro Infantil “Pakken” (15/12/2018)


Lançamento de um livro infantil que tem como local uma pequena vila no Alentejo e que foi inspirado num inverno passado que a escritora Christina Lucia Wraber passou no nosso pais!

“Because my new children book is being published I’m going to have a cozy book launch Saturday the Dec, 13-16th on the 1.floor in the beautiful Møstings Hus in Frederiksberg.
The book is called “Pakken -En lille historie om vinter” (“The Package -A little story about winter”). The story takes place in a small village in Alentejo and it’s inspired by a winter I had in Portugal. I have stayed many times in Portugal and my son’s father is portuguese.
I’m Christina Lucia Wraber, illustrator and writer. “Pakken -En lille historie om vinter” is the second children book where I did both the writing and the illustrations. The book is published by danish Forlaget Turbine.

At the book launch where will be portuguese cakes, some wine and the possibility to buy the book to a bit lower book launch-price. Everybody are welcome!

Møstings Hus
Andebakkesti 5
2000 Frederiksberg

Instagram: christinawraber

Greetings from Christina”